Usave will get you the lowest prices available GUARANTEED for Television, Billboard, Radio, or Magazine Advertising.

Television Advertising
Usave Media has the capability and resources to buy you TV airtime at the lowest available prices, allowing you to instantly reach out to millions of potential consumers. We specialize in Narrowcast advertising which aims your messages at a segment of the population by specific demographics, e.g., zip code, gender, age group, city, state, or even nationally. Narrowcast is ideal for local businesses.

  • Cable TV advertising is an excellent way to get your product or service in front of potential customers. With a bit of market research and a lot of planning, your ad can increase your profitability. RUN YOUR 30 SECOND COMMERIAL FOR UNDER $10.00 PER SPOT ON LOCAL CABLE TV.
Radio Advertising
Ready to start advertising on the radio? Well consider this, Radio is a loyalty media. The same people listen to the same two or three stations every day. You can build awareness and sales within those narrow slices of the population without spending a large amount of money on frequency.

  • The Radio industry has changed significantly since that first broadcast in 1920, and radio is big business today. Although other media and technology now place more demands on consumer’s time, 95% of people still listen to radio every week. Consumers have more choices today yet 92% of listeners stay tuned in when commercial break into their programming.
Billboard Advertising
Compared to other forms of advertising, billboards are a relatively inexpensive way to get your massage across to the general public. How much does billboard advertising cost? Is the cost of billboard advertising worth the money? Using billboard(s) to advertise your product and services may perhaps be the most intelligent choice to increase sales revenue, and create corporate and/or product branding. billboard prices might be less than you think. The cost of billboard advertising ranges from $700.00 to $2,500 a month.

  • Mechanical Billboard Advertising uses a technology called tri-action movement, also known by some as tri-vision or multi-message billboards which shows up to three separate advertisements in rotation.
  • Digital Billboard Advertising uses LED and similar techniques to get the advertisers message across. This can all be done remotely from a computer.
  • Mobile Billboard Advertising utilities vehicles to advertise by printing banners that are mounted onto panels. Generally done on large flatbed trucks used only for advertising space. Great for sporting venues, concerts or any entertainment center.
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